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Artist Statement




Mace Chasm Pottery was founded in 2012 when I moved to Keeseville, in the heart of Adirondack State Park, surrounded to mountains, woods and Lake Champlain.  The beauty of this place inspires my work.

I fell in love with clay in 1999 at a community studio on Long Island  The entire process of creating  was intriguing to me. First I hade to master  manipulating the clay, then learning glaze chemistry, firing techniques, and duplicating the results I liked.  By the third year, I was a teaching assistant working with beginners to learn centering, throwing and shaping.  Teaching helped me perfect my  skills.

I have taken many workshops with some of the best potters currently on the scene which has allowed me to learn different throwing and firing techniques including wood firing, gas reduction , soda and salt firing, raku, and pit firing.

When I had the opportunity to build my own studio, I opted for an electric kiln that has the flexibility to duplicate some of these other firing methods. 


Most of my work is functional pottery.  I believe that everyday objects should be both beautiful and functional.  They elevate the mundane.  Food that was prepared with the freshest ingredients should be served on plates that were just as carefully crafted.  Bowls should be as special as what they contain.  Garden flowers deserve a special vase. This philosophy drives my work.

I use stoneware clay fired to 2250 F, so my vessels can be used in the dishwasher and microwave safely.  Bakeware is made with a special clay that can be used in the oven.  All my glazes are food safe.

I hope you enjoy my vessels,  Come see for yourself and enjoy a day in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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